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"Her second-to-last retweet, also that day, was "WEAR BLACK THIS FRIDAY IN SUPPORT AGAINST #RAPE AND WOMAN ABUSE #BLACKFRIDAY." Barely 12 hours later, she was dead.But many women know it's far easier to give advice and offer support than take that advice or take precautions to protect themselves.

It was a false alarm, he said, but that prompted a chat with the writer about guns and shooting.

After Steenkamp's death, police confirmed that there had been prior calls about domestic incidents at Pistorius' house, including in 2009 when he spent a night in jail for allegedly slamming the door on a 19-year-old woman's leg during a party at his house after she refused to leave; an assault charge was eventually dropped.

A January 2012 profile described Pistorius as having the quintessential athlete's disposition, "that of a person who believes himself to be royalty of a certain kind." At one point, the writer noticed Pistorius hitting 155 miles per hour on the speedometer while behind the wheel of his Nissan GT-R in the rain.

A transcript of Whats App messages between them read during the trial suggested a tempestuous relationship at least, with Reeva writing to him five days before she died about an incident in which he apparently criticized her loudly in public."I'm a person too and I appreciate that you invited me out tonight and I realize that you get harassed but I am trying my best to make you happy and I feel as though you sometimes never are, no matter the effort I put in," she wrote.

"I can't be attacked by outsiders for dating you and be attacked by you—the one person I deserve protection from."In court Reeva's cousin Kim Martin would recall meeting Pistorius for the first time, at lunch with the couple.

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He did what big stars, particularly athletes, do: he donated to charity; met with underprivileged and ailing kids; racked up endorsements from the deep pockets of Nike, Oakley and Thierry Mugler; and met with dignitaries such as Nelson Mandela.