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Clinton later told him that his devotional email was the first she opened every day, while Rev Shillady said that she is a daily reader of the Bible.He also disclosed her latest ambition in the wake of her defeat: becoming a Methodist lay preacher.'We were having a photo shoot for the book and chatting about preaching and she said, '"Bill, I think I'd like to preach",' he told CNN.'In United Methodism, there's a tradition of having laypeople preach from the pulpit, and I think she's going to look at occasionally doing that and sharing the good news without it being a politically charged environment.'Clinton had spoken on the campaign trail about the importance of the devotionals keeping her 'centered'.But on the Friday morning after her defeat, he sent her a very different text - this time a full-on lamentation, he reveals in a new book and in a CNN interview.It compared her defeat to the crucifixion, and said: 'You, our nation, our world is experiencing a black Friday. But it might well be hell for a while.'The disclosure comes in a book which brings together the hundreds of religious texts Rev Shillady sent to Clinton, a lifelong Methodist, as she campaigned for the White House.Her first years in England, however, were miserable: a time of loneliness, uncertainty and almost continuous illness. But could they have had a knock-on effect, making it difficult for her to produce the desired male heir and thereby pushing her husband into the arms of Anne Boleyn and changing the course of English history?We think of eating disorders as a uniquely modern phenomenon.She had not originally come with the intention of marrying Prince Henry, but had been engaged since the age of four to his elder brother Arthur, heir to Henry VII.

In a sharp echo of the words used to describe anorexia, bulimia and today’s food-orientated illnesses, Catherine of Aragon was given to ‘disorderly eating’ – or so one close observer would go on to write in the early days of her marriage to Henry VIII.Hillary Clinton's pastor compared her defeat to Christ's crucifixion and a Trump presidency to Hell in a devotional he sent her hours after she lost, it was revealed Friday.The Democratic loser had received a daily prayer from the Rev Bill Shillady, a longtime Clinton family friend, throughout her campaign.Blame is pinned on everything from skeletal catwalk models, fashion magazines and bikinis to exams and career stress.But self-starvation and binge eating have been with us for centuries – at least since the Romans began vomiting after meals, or it first occurred to someone that fasting was virtuous.

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Ironically she lost the religious vote badly, which proved to be a key factor in her defeat.

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