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I have loved you for half of my life but I'm done running after you Laurel: Because I realized that, that I went on that boat with you, too. I loaded the bullets, yes, I pulled the trigger, but you... First of all, the financial burden cannot be underestimated. Even if your own attorney is prudent about expenses, he or she has no control about how the other side conducts themselves.

However, no matter how much or little involvement you choose, you should realize that lawsuits are extremely emotionally taxing.

Different states have different measures available for collection, but it is not usually easy. You will be living with your dispute for a long time, and re-living unpleasant experiences every time there is discovery (written questions, document requests and depositions).

Your suit will become a part of your life that feels like it never goes away. Ultimately you will probably settle for less than you had hoped for at the beginning. The truth is, I am like a surgeon who does not want to do surgery unless it is medically necessary. Clients have to understand that resolving disputes short of filing suit is usually a better option.

Well, Oliver, I'm the kind of man who doesn't walk away when there's a chance to make a difference.

Felicity: I thought it would be helpful to track A.

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Kind of makes me a cyber-terrorist, which is bad because I really don't see myself fitting in well at Guantanamo Bay. About my mother, and about her involvement in the Undertaking. She's working with Malcolm Merlyn, and they're planning something, something... Do you really think that I could go on living knowing that you sacrificed thousands more in my name? I'm going to tear everything he cares about away from him. At the beginning I was going to do all of this by myself, and now with you and Diggle... Love's the most powerful emotion, and that makes it the most dangerous. [punches and breaks the pole] All I'm learning is new ways to get pissed off, and in case you haven't noticed, I'm already pretty good at that.

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