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A good solution is the use of therapeutic aids, which allows the patient to get reintegrated into society.In Hungary, a generally accepted and available method applied among therapeutic aids is pads of various sizes, designed to be permeable to air; the pad can absorb an amount of the liquid several times its own weight.The types of incontinence differ due to the underlying disease and the extent of incontinence.Stress incontinence (the term is misleading) mostly occurs in women. Compelling incontinence occurs when the urge to urinate arises imperatively, the patient cannot reach the toilet, thus urine leakage appears before it.This significantly limits the individual’s social roles, entertainment and job opportunities alike.Nighttime incontinence deteriorates the quality of rest, which leads to the lack of sleep.

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This occurs more often in women, but also occurs in men, and can be well influenced by medication. Therapeutic Aid Needs If curable forms of the incontinence are involved, a therapeutic aid is only needed temporarily, at most.

It frequently occurs, however, that the incontinence cannot be influenced or can only be eliminated by a high-risk intervention.

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Drafted: At the Urology Clinic of the University of Szeged, after preliminary licensing, 1 July to 31 August 2012 Test Leader: Prof.