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That makes 5 months in a row of record temperatures so far this year, putting 2015 on track to be the warmest year since 1880.

Experts point to the dual influence of a stronger than usual El Nio weather pattern, plus the ongoing issues related to global warming. and it has GREAT access because it's actually owned by the National Football League.

I really thought Neil Patrick Harris did well last year, but I'm guessing it isn't him. Welcome Inside the Box, Chris Rock has been announced as the 2016 host of the Academy Awards!

Yeah I thought he did great as well but no, it's not him. Chris confirmed the big news through his Twitter feed alongside a photo of himself holding a golden Oscar trophy.

September is going on record as the hottest of all time.

The average global temperature for the month was 60 point 6-2 degrees Fahrenheit, beating the previous high of 59 degrees.

Conan's no stranger to doing shows outside US borders.

And good news if you're a fan: rumors are swirling that a MOVIE could soon be in the works.

The British period drama kicks off on January 3rd, and will wrap up on the first weekend of March.

If you missed out you can watch the entire final season on the day of the finale.

The announcement relates to a defective power window switch that is prone to overheating and could lead to a fire.

Toyota has traced the fault back to grease sprayed improperly on the switch's electrical contact modules.

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Some players were pretty upset and have suggested a new media policy is in order.

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